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Candle wax fetish

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Candle wax fetish

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Kisses, hugs, cuddles, water, reassurance etc. But with this kind of play, you should also add some moisturizing cream with aloe or sunburn cream with a gentle massage to their very sensitive skin. Have a first aid kit in your play bag which you should have anyways with any BDSM play.

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An introduction to wax play (and how to stay safe)

In a nutshell: hope for the best and plan for the worst. The human body has all kinds of great places for wax play.

Massage the submissive with oil or lotion in order to create an easy removal, while also creating a sensual moment fetieh any heat is introduced. Beeswax — used for longer-burning candles like tea lights or storm candles — is the hottest burning wax.

First of all, remember to never play on your own. A way to avoid any sticky situations is to apply oil or lotion on to the skin to make removal easier.

Dripping with care - learn about bdsm wax play

Wax is difficult to wash out of clothes and bed linens. They can range from warm and soothing to dangerously hot wax. The softer the candle, the cadle its melting point.

Your have your safety candle. Anytime there is fire, even a single candle, there should always be a container of water just in case the worst happens. If you feel comfortable with the temperature, drip a small amount on to the selected area of your bottom and test their reaction. No handkerchiefs, tissues, silk scarves, decorative tassels…you get my drift. All it takes is a careless backhand and that lovely candle that gave your room that perfect ambiance could tumble to the floor, throwing un-fun and un-sexy wax all over the place - and possibly even setting the room on fire. bdsm 3 candles ~ low temperature/sensual hot wax candle: health & personal care

Ice hardens wax and makes it easier to take off. For the sub, they will feel an obvious hot sensation, but wax play can also be subtle and low key. Ideally, you want the candle to be parallel to your partner as well. But, since it involves open flame, there are also some risks involved.

Back or torso is a good starting-off point. Check in with your partner and see if they want less heat move the candle further away, this way the wax has more time to cool before contact or more move the candle closer. Wax can splatter into the eyes, though it is advised to avoid this. Even with precautions, wax can end up in all kinds of places.

Now, do me a favor and look at your arm for a second. The removal of wax can be difficultespecially from hair. Fetissh wax out of either can be a real nightmare.

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Ideally, it should just be a table, a lighter, and your candle. Are you with me so far? Fegish different areas of the skin — the sensitivity varies greatly, and per person. Light the candle and drip a small amount of wax on to your own hand or wrist.

This will smear the hot wax and quickly cool it down. Wax may be difficult to remove, particularly from areas with hair.

Hot stuff: how to have fun (and be safe) with wax play

Paraffin candles melt at a hotter temperature candlr require more care — they burns at C. Wax play is the most intense when it first lands on someone but as the wax cools, the sensation becomes less intense - and the wax builds up, giving a sensual and luxurious feeling of warmth.

Just be sure to have some pillows around in case your bottom needs to sit down or gets dizzy. It might sound trite, especially to something so critical, but not all candles are created equal. Where to Wax? Then just roll up the sheet and throw it away.

Dripping with care - learn about bdsm wax play

Wax is for external play only — never put wax in any orifice. Newsletter thousands receiving hot new sex related articles, goodies, and great deals. Nowadays some great kink entrepreneurs are actually selling candles deed for wax play, which is all grand and good, but always try out your candle on your own skin before using it on someone else.