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Las vegas cuckold

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Las vegas cuckold

Online: 15 days ago


The wife and I are finally getting to take a much needed vacation to Vegas in two weeks.

Age: 46
Relationship Status: Not married
Seeking: I Seeking Vip Sex
City: Ventura, Leeds Bradford Airport
Hair: Brown
Relation Type: I Wish I Can Find A Real Woman

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The wife and I are finally getting to take a much needed vacation to Vegas in two weeks.

Any specific suggestions would be great. Here are some things we def want to do: 1 Pizza dare - don't really want to order takeout since we will be hitting lots of great restaurants. I turn and walk away, peeking back to see the two of them heading toward an elevator to go to the guys room.

I will be in the area watching and when she looks around I know it is my al to approach her. Are there any pools or spa that allow nudity?

Would love to hear thoughts Over the long weekend we are in Vegas she will meet BBC this way. We hang out by the pool of the hotel during the day and then hit the casinos later at night. Ok, I guess let's start there cuvkold see where it goes.

As I approach she tells the guy im her husband, then she looks right at me and says, "What the hell do you want? With in oas next half hour with her teasing, she and the guy are hotter than hell.

Are there better places than others to do some flashing? She dresses for attention, mini skirts or dresses and hot tops, never with a bra.

I'm sure most of us have seen the veags, but basically, I need suggestions of af a good place to take her to watch her flirt and pick up guys, hopefully much more Shes a true MILF, shes 45 but looks lae 30's. I will go wait in the bar and wait I have always had a fantasy of walking into our hotel room and catching her in bed with another guy, this may be the best opportunity for this to happen. We once tried to call the front desk for maintenance to "repair" the room tv but it didnt go so well.

We obviously want someplace not to 'clicky' so that we font spend all night flirting with just a big letdown, and someplace that allows single males as well so that we can possibly get a gangbang going.